Globalize 13

A Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives Service-Learning Project 


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Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives’ (FDFI) service-learning projects are a great way for students to understand important issues and to become part of their solutions. In an effort to illustrate the realities of child and forced labor all over the world, Globalize 13, a service-learning project for secondary schools, presents lessons about this insidious form of slavery within the context of the 13th Amendment and its 150th anniversary in 2015. We encourage teachers to sign-up for the project and download the free digital curriculum available on this website.

FDFI was born of the idea that we can be guided by history. Its founders are direct descendants of Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington and its mission springs from the work of both legacies: 


We invite teachers, administrators, school districts, charity organizations, government agencies and corporations to help students breathe life into history and reanimate globally the same spirit of justice that helped guarantee freedom for 4 million Americans almost 150 years ago today.

Sign-up now to receive a free digital copy of Globalize 13You may be eligible for project extras such as: in-person expert speakers, Skype presentations, contests and more!

Click here to download the Globalize 13 service-learning project curriculum!


Watch the video below to see the project's impact on students and their community:

Click here to download the Globalize 13 service-learning project curriculum!