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  • This is the action needed to continue the legacy of abolition and emancipation. Check out #FDFI's #Globalize13 #humantrafficking education curriculum!


    Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives has partnered with Mosaic Family Services to offer a history-based human trafficking prevention curriculum for use by secondary students and teachers called History, Human Rights and the Power of One. The Globalize 13 module conforms to Common Core Curriculum Standards.

    GLOBALIZE 13 – Three Units

    There’s no better time to reflect on the meaning and potential global utility of the 13th Amendment than on its pending 150th anniversary. Understanding how enslaved people lived and felt at a time in our history when slavery was legal, will give students a better sense of what happens to people today who are exploited for their labor in similar ways.

    History - America’s history with institutionalized slavery must be one of the most misunderstood and under-discussed chapters of our shared past. The personal narratives of formerly enslaved people are a good place to start the discussion. We’ll present Incidents in the Life of Slave Girl, by Harriet Jacobs and we’ll talk about the 13th Amendment and how it came to be. 

    Human Rights - When one begins to learn about the various forms of what is called Human Trafficking today, it’s striking to see the similarities to historical slavery. These contemporary manifestations of slavery happen everywhere in the world. 

    In this module, we look at how forced labor, and the labor of children, has become part of our global economy. Each case study provides a glimpse of a different form of slavery and serves as a catalyst for discussions that can be had in almost any classroom no matter the subject. 

    The Power of One - There are suggestions for interesting services projects throughout Units 1 and 2, however, new ideas for great collaborative projects will come from students and teachers between now and the 13th Amendment anniversary on December 6, 2015. Those will be shared on a regular basis to all participating schools.

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