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    What People Are Saying About:
    History, Human Rights and the Power of One


    "Douglass himself could not have imagined a better use of his own life's work."


    "History, Human Rights and the Power of One," a school curriculum produced by the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, is one of the best uses of the legacy of the abolition in America that I have ever seen. As a Frederick Douglass biographer, as well as a former public high school teacher in Flint, Michigan in the 1970s, I can attest to both the dedication of Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives and to the care and substance of this program. To take the story of slavery and abolition to young people, and then to connect it to current-day practices of human trafficking, is simply one of the best ways to get our youth invested in the meaning of the deeply informed material, and teachers will be very lucky to have it in their hands. I strongly encourage adoption of this program. Douglass himself could not have imagined a better use of his own life's work."

    David W. Blight
    Class of '54 Professor of American History, and Director,
    The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery and Abolition,
    Yale University

    "The Globalize 13 Curriculum is a wonderfully informative account of the history of the Thirteenth Amendment and the continued challenges around the world of fighting slavery, involuntary servitude, and other forms of cruel exploitation of labor. Its lessons are not only informative but also open the door to activism against human trafficking throughout the globe. As an author of a book and an editor of another on the Thirteenth Amendment and its contemporary implications I couldn’t be happier than to see Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives taking so active a part in educating children about its significance and meaning."

    Alexander Tsesis
    Professor of Law
    Loyola University, School of Law 

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