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    Faith + Community Project

    John 8:32 – “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    In 2015, we commemorated the 150th anniversary of the 13th Amendment. Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives (FDFI) is shining a light on the modern forms of slavery that still exist. Hundreds of secondary schools and school districts are currently participating in our Globalize 13 Education Initiative around the country. FDFI now brings its human trafficking education program to faith institutions across the United States through our new G13 Faith + Community initiative.  

    Sex trafficking and labor exploitation are corrosive influences in communities everywhere. Understanding the problem permits us to address it more successfully.  We are confident that Leaders of every faith are uniquely positioned to effect change and protect our young people. 

    The Faith + Community project is an opportunity for faith leaders to bring more understanding to both their congregations and to their communities about the issue of human trafficking. It’s an interfaith project that will include human trafficking training for faith leaders, a faith framed curriculum for members of the congregation and suggestions for community outreach and awareness projects that can be implemented with the help of local anti-trafficking stakeholders.

    Faith + Community is a national initiative that will provide training and education for faith leaders and their constituents as we confront the specter of sex trafficking and labor exploitation together. Leaders of all faiths and those individuals of faith determined to end human trafficking are encouraged to join us.

    • Human Trafficking Training for Faith Leaders
    • A Faith-Framed Curriculum for Youth and Other Congregation Members
    • Faith-led Service Projects in the Community
    • Join FDFI’s Nationwide Effort to End Slavery


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  • Welcome to Globalize 13!


    Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives’ (FDFI) latest service-learning curriculum for secondary schools. The project has three parts:  

    1. History - Highlighting how and why the 13th Amendment came to be as we approach its 150th anniversary,
    2. Human Rights - A study of the various forms of labor trafficking and why slavery still exists in the products we consume every day,
    3. The Power of One - Suggestions on how students, in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln and the 13th Amendment, can take action to end slavery.  


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