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Frederick Douglass escaped slavery in 1838 at the age of 20. His first autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, was written while he was a fugitive slave. It was published in 1845 and became an immediate best seller. Douglass' friends feared that the publicity and notoriety around the book would draw the attention of his owner, Hugh Auld, who might try to get his "property" back.  They encouraged him to get out of the country and embark on a European speaking tour to ensure his safety.

He spent two years in Ireland and Britain lecturing about the horrors of slavery in the U.S.  During this trip, British supporters raised $711.00 ($17,000 in today's dollars) to purchase his freedom from his American owner and he returned to the U.S. a free man.

Step 1 - All middle and high schools from around the country are invited to partner with the Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives to address the issue of human trafficking. There are no fees or requirements.

Step 2 - A Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives, Modern Day Abolitionist certificate is awarded to schools that raise awareness about human trafficking to 250 people in their community and $250 in donations toward educating other young people through FDFI's human trafficking education programs.

Step 3 - A school can be awarded the Douglass Freedom Partner plaque if they raise awareness to 711 people, donate $711 toward the education of young people against human trafficking and create one 30 second or 60 second PSA that will be featured on the FDFI website. This is the highest award available and it's delivered via Skype (or, if possible, in person) by our President, Ken Morris, direct descendant of both Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. (The significance of $711 - that's the amount paid by Douglass' friends to purchase his freedom.)

Every school will have access to our latest service learning project, Globalize 13. Partner school students and teachers will be encouraged to make curriculum recommendations on an ongoing basis.

FDFI will visit your school at a time when our schedule permits. You will also be asked to participate in local, regional, national or even international events that highlight your school as being leaders on the issue of human trafficking as they come up. In addition, there may be press opportunities along the way. Your school would be featured on our website as a partner school.

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