Maggie Lawrence

  • This is a very well put together film short, and it is encouraging to me to see young people facing this issue. However, I believe something very important has been omitted from the presentation. In a word – “facts.” Yes, we have all read that human trafficking still exists and I believe it. But no where in this documentary is any country, any group, any person named as the perpetrator. For Globalize13 to tell young people that human trafficking is still going on in America is a VERY serious charge, and is irresponsible if you can’t document where your information is coming from. The other point I missed is what, exactly, these inspired young people actually think they’re going to do about it. “Raising awareness” is not something that causes evil to fall. Drawing pictures and hanging them in halls is not something that frightens tyrants. So what, exactly, is Globalize13 expecting to accomplish? If that was addressed, I must have missed it.

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